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SnowRunner - M134 Minigun

SnowRunner Mods Are Here!

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive officially partnered with mod.io for SnowRunner. The partnership ensures that mod support was available at launch for PC players. There are already dozens of mods available to download now created by members of the community. Experience new vehicles, driving challenges, unusual creations, and more.

Mods will continue to expand with even more tools in future free updates, and they’re on their way soon to SnowRunner players on consoles. New opportunities for creative designs will also come with the full year’s worth of content in SnowRunner’s Season Pass, which will feature new maps, missions, trucks and a lot more.

SnowRunner and its Season Pass are available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Visit the official game shop to find the game in your region, and snowrunner.mod.io for more on mods.