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SnowRunner - heavy duty

SnowRunner Tips & Tricks Trailer

R.A.G.E. Works will have a full review for SnowRunner this weekend! In the meantime, the good folks at Saber Interactive have made a trailer to keep players from getting (literally) stuck in the mud. The SnowRunner tips & tricks trailer will help you get started and keep you pushing forward against the harsh environments that await. Keep on truckin'!

Scouting the map as much as you can is essential to helping you plan your route and avoid danger, but be careful. Newcomers to SnowRunner may be tempted to chase the horizon right away. An experienced driver knows the importance of adapting their driving to the terrain, making use of all-wheel drive, differential lock, and the winch while keeping an eye on their fuel consumption. If you get stuck, consider your options before flooring it and digging your wheels in; sometimes slower is faster.

SnowRunner gives you a host of tools to conquer the wilderness through your garage. Select, upgrade and customize your trucks to match what the situation ahead demands. Increasing your driver rank by completing contracts will grant you access to even more vehicles and upgrades, expanding your available choices and letting you pick the strategy that’s right for you.