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Spartacus Returns in 2011 with Gods Of The Arena on Starz

If you’ve never seen Spartacus on Starz you are missing out on great storytelling and gratuitous violence. Starz brought the raw violence to the forefront but also succeeded in telling an intriguing story which many felt was going to be lost with the diagnosis of Andy Whitfield’s Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that has put the promising career of this young actor in doubt. Andy managed to recover from this setback and was ready to resume to filming the series when news broke that he had suffered a setback and was pursuing a more aggressive method of treatment. While the future of the character is uncertain with rumors of recasting running rampant Starz decided to give us a new series to tide us over telling the tales of the Ludus and its rise to prominence. I look forward to more great stories about the characters that made the show great and I hope Andy Whitfield makes a recovery to continue his portrayal of Spartacus.

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