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Spidey And His Amazing Friends Take Over NYC

Spidey and his Amazing Friends has been a massive hit for Disney and its Disney Junior brand. The series follows Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy's Ghost-Spider, and Mile Morales Spider-Man. Miles takes on the name Spin for the series to avoid confusion because calling both characters Spider-Man would definitely confuse the kiddos. The series pits the Spiders against plenty of notable names from Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery and has plenty of special appearances by notable heroes from the Marvel Universe, including Black Panther, Hulk, and Ms. Marvel, to name a few. While the series has plenty of action, it balances the episodes with lessons on friendship, teamwork, and patience. The formula has been super successful, with countless kids enjoying the Spidey team's adventure every week and making the series the #1 most watched preschool series among boys ages 2-5.

The show kicks off its second season on Friday, August 19, with its Glow Webs Glow storyline introducing Electro to the series. It will be simulcast on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior at 8:30 AM EDT. An initial batch of episodes will also be rolled out on Disney+ and on-demand platforms this fall.

To celebrate the debut of season two of Spidey and his Amazing Friends, there will be a special outdoor event at the Battery Conservancy from August 13-14 for families to get in on all the web swinging action and see all the cool toys and collectibles related to the series. The event will run from 12 PM – 4 PM if you want to take your children. The entrance is located near the intersection of State Street and Peter Minuit Plaza. East of the SeaGlass Carousel and south of the Staten Island Ferry station. If you're in Los Angeles, you can check out the event on August 26-28.

Here are all the activities you and your children can enjoy

List of Activities:

  • Hero Course – Kids can test their Spidey skills as they make their way through various obstacles in a fun web course activity.
  • Lifesize Spider Crawl-R -Walkthrough a life-sized Spider Crawl-R designed to look just like the team transport vehicle featured in season 2 of the series! Inside the Spider Crawl-R, kids can check out mission control and engage with the Spidey Team in a cool interactive video moment.
  • Electro's Zorber -Save the city from Electro's Zorber by placing your hand on the globe for an electrifying photo.
  • Spidey Photo Ops – Exciting optical illusion photo moments throughout the experience that will make kids feel like they're part of the Spidey Team.
  • Hasbro Play Zone – Kids can check out some of the new toys from “Marvel's Spidey and his Amazing Friends” in the Hasbro Play Zone.

We had the opportunity to check out the event, which was a blast. Here are a few pics from the event for you to enjoy.

If you get a chance to attend, let us know in the comments