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Spike Volleyball is Available Now!

Bigben and Black Sheep Studio, along with publisher Maximum Games, are pleased to announce the release of Spike Volleyball. This is the first indoor volleyball simulation on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Volleyball enthusiasts can get their hands on the title today. Physical versions are available for consoles only.

Spike Volleyball - court shot
Your battlefield awaits

With the inclusion of the biggest countries and innovative tactical gameplay, Spike Volleyball is the first simulation of one of the most widely-played sports in the world. Staying true to the sport's dynamic and demanding discipline, the game is faithful to every move, recreating a spectacular and exciting on-court experience: spikes, blocks, floaters…you name it. 

Spike Volleyball - Men's team

Learn the techniques, use cunning combinations to surprise your opponents, and lead your team to victory through the many different international tournaments. Tactics, reflexes and accuracy will take you to the top of the world championship podium!  

Spike Volleyball - Women's team

Main Features:

  • 50 national teams, men's and women's.
  • All volleyball techniques faithfully reproduced using Unreal Engine 4 and motion capture: spikes, bumps, blocks, floaters and more.
  • Build and manage your own team in Career mode. 
  • Use tactics developed by professional coaches.
  • Local and online multiplayer.