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Splatterhouse T-Shirt Contest

In honor of the upcoming Splatterhouse game coming out for PS3 and Xbox,  WestMansion was kind of enough to provide MTR with some real kick ass t-shirts to give away. I figured a nice, fun and easy contest was in order. I am looking forward to seeing some original submissions from you guys. Here are the details:


My Take Radio listeners are a creative and imaginative bunch, and I think it’s time we saw that creativity shared with the masses. For this contest, I would like to see MTR listeners show creative uses for both the MTR and Splatterhouse logo and/or the Splatterhouse characters – either with photos using the respective logos or in art form. If you need inspiration check out the MTR fanpage on Facebook and see our current sample.  Now for the ……


  • Contest starts as of 11/5 and ends 12/9.
  • No nudity please.
  • MTR logos are on the FB fanpage. Use either our tribal or boombox logos or if you wish, create your own.
  • Splatterhouse logos and character art are on the site or on Google. You can use current art or retro Splatterhouse art.
  • Submissions can be either photos or art. Photoshops are fine.
  • All entries will be posted in our forums and on the fan page.
  • One entry allowed per person, so make it good!
  • Make sure to include you name and mailing address with your entry.
  • If entering a .gif with animations, please let me know so it can go in the forum where the animations can be seen.
  • Email entries to mtrhost (at) gmail.com.

MTR would like to thank Westmansion for providing the awesome shirts.