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Slick’s Quick Hits: Prototype 2 (first ever playable demo from NY Comic Con)


Alex Mercer survived the Nuclear explosion off the coast of Manhattan and nothing good has come of it. The Blacklight virus has survived and he is picking up where Elizabeth Greene left off. Sargent James Heller returns home to find his wife and daughter brutally murdered and he aims to confront the thing responsible. However, when he meets Mercer, he turns him into his newest creation. Like Mercer, Heller initially retains some of his humanity and continues his quest for revenge. It’s time to murder your maker.


The 2011 new York Comic-Con was the site of the first playable public demo of Activision’s upcoming title. Visitors were able to choose from a rampage or a selected story mission where Heller has to save one of his allies from the military by defending the church he is holed up in. Listen, I did not pay attention to names, I just wanted to break stuff and kill enemy soldiers – and this game lets you do both oh so perfectly. The demo gives you access to several familiar powers like the Blade and the Claws, but it also lets you try the new weaponize abilities. Mercer was able to use a lot of handheld weaponry because he learned it from his victims and it seems Heller will do much of the same. However, he can take larger weapons off of armored vehicles and use those as well. Relieving a tank of its rocket launcher and using it on a few pesky attack choppers was extremely satisfying, as was tossing a person and having them explode into a tendril attack on impact.

Cannot wait for this one

People are going to complain that Prototype 2 is more of the same. I say that if it has a compelling story like the last one and a Web of Destiny minigame, then “being like the first” cannot be a bad thing. Seeing a still unfinished game today I can tell you that the sequel is far superior graphically and that anyone who played through the first will feel very comfortable playing as Heller. The team still has six months to release on a game they have been developing for over two years and I truly belive from what I have played that fans will not be disappointed.