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Slick’s Quick Hits: The Walking Dead, Season 2.5 Premiere


I know I was not alone in feeling a great big “WTF” with regard to the first half of The Walking Dead’s second season. The premiere saw the loss of the little girl Sofia and the entire seven episode run was spent looking for a girl that turned out to be a zombie. It could have been because readers of the comic know the girl is alive and (physically) OK or it could be the simple fact that the seven episodes were just rather boring. I don’t know the filming schedule of the show, but I hope during the break the makers of the show were checking out the feedback from viewers.


Watching the mid-season premiere, I thought that maybe the creators ignored the fans. The episode plodded along as bodies were buried and burned and Dale and Shane continue to butt heads. And then it happened. Not to spoil anything for the DVR/TiVo fans, but I have four words for you:


Yeah, Andrew Lincoln put it down. He captured the essence of the comic book Rick Grimes once again and personally, he re-ignited my hopes for this series. Tune in people, ‘cause shit just got real again.

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