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The My Take Radio SSFIV giveaway

*NOTE: This is a giveaway contest and completely separate from any other SSFIV offers posted on any MTR websites.


My Take Radio will air its 40th episode since the relaunch this week and as a combination of thanks for fan support and celebration of the release we are having a drawing for one (1) FREE COPY of Super Street Fighter IV. A quick word of warning is that it is for the XBox 360 only – we apologize but it is the only format we could get our hands on. We also give the disclaimer that the copy is very very lightly used—translation I couldn’t wait ‘til Tuesday and I have been playing it. Still, it is an otherwise brand new copy of the XBox 360 version of the game and this is what you have to do to enter the drawing:

  • All entrants must be at least 18 years of age (we figure if you are on our forums you should be over 18 anyway.
  • You must be a CURRENT member of My Take Radio’s forums and/or fan of the facebook or MySpace My Take Radio fan pages. (prior to 4/25/10)
  • There will be a post going up in the forums shortly – you must enter your full name as it would appear on a shipping label. If you are not a forum member (shame on you) you must e-mail your name to prodigal22@aol.com with the subject “SSFIV giveaway (remember you must already be a fan)
  • Please remember that I am a U.S. resident and this is an NTSC copy. Consider that before entering because if you win and live outside the U.S., My Take Radio takes zero responsibility if the game does not work.

You must meet ALL THREE (3) requirements to qualify for this contest, no exceptions. Winner will be announced Monday night sometime between 9-11PM EDT via youtube video. I will record each individual name going into a hat (to ensure fairness) and I will pull the name out of the hat in the video. I have zero video editing skills so this is gonna definitely be legit. The prize will be mailed out on Tuesday via USPS express mail so you should get it Wednesday. If the winner is not a U.S. resident then I will still mail it out, but it will be First Class mail. Good luck to everyone.

*all entries must be received by 9PM Eastern Daylight Time on Monday, April 26th, 2010 (checked via timestamp)

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