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Storm Collectibles Unveils Samurai Shodown Haohmaru Action Figure

Samurai Shodown
Expected Ship Date
November 2020
Suggested Retail Price

Storm Collectibles continues expanding its video game action figure line with fan-favorite characters from your favorite video game franchises. The latest announcement will please Samurai Shodown fans as Storm Collectibles unveils its first Samurai Shodown figure, and there is no one better to kick off the line than with series mainstay Haohmaru. We got to see this figure at Toy Fair earlier this year and are happy to be able to share more news on this figure.

Haohmaru is the “Ryu” of Samurai Shodown and one of the series most well-known characters. The Haohmaru figure from Storm Collectibles is 1:12 scale, much like the Axel Stone figure we shared a few days back and comes with a ton of accessories and measures roughly 8-inches tall.

Fans who purchase the Haohmaru figure will receive the following:

  • 3 interchangeable head sculpts
  • 4 pairs of hands
  • Haohmaru's sword Fugudoku
  • Slashing effect

The suggested retail price for this figure is $89.99 and is scheduled to hit stores this fall with an expected shipping date of November from Entertainment Earth. You can pre-order the figure from Entertainment Earth by heading here. You can also purchase directly from Storm Collectibles here.

As a longtime Samurai Shodown fan, I would love to see Genjuro as the next figure in the line especially given his rivalry with Haohmaru in the game. What Samurai Shodown characters would you like to see from Storm Collectibles make next? Let us know in the comments.

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