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My Take Radio on the IAIB Spotlight

I have had the pleasure of learning many things over the years and a lot has been self taught but if it's one thing I learned is that those that are more successful than you are who you need to learn from first and foremost. I had the pleasure of being invited to join the IAIB shortly before Blogworld 2012 and have not only learned from many successful broadcasters but have also imparted some wisdom as well. This past Friday I was invited to be a guest on the IAIB spotlight where I not only shared the origins of MTR but also imparted some lessons and wisdom to those who wish to do what I do. It was an interview I was proud of doing since during my time as a member I have learned so much. If you are interested in doing internet broadcasting give it a listen or if you are just a fan of  my crazy rants feel free to listen as well.



Interview Notes

Andrew interviews MyTakeRadio’s Rich Butler. MyTakeRadio is a podcast that discusses MMA, wrestling, video games, culture, movies, and technology. Rich explains how My Take Radio started and his recent move into adding video to his podcast. Rich also talks about challenges his faced with his podcast and the equipment he uses.