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Thank God it’s the final season of Smallville

In season 9 of Smallville we saw the unofficial formation of the Justice League (again) after the old Justice Society kicked the crap out of them (mainly Hawkman) and then helped them stop a major threat. Kryptonsite.com has confirmed that the show is going to continue to introduce new characters, with at least one having no place on the show whatsoever.

I am referring to Deadshot, one of the greatest snipers/assassins in the DC universe. Why does he not belong? One word – BATMAN. Deadshot is a Batman villain and Smallville has already failed to show the greatest superhero team up of all time for nine years; that of Batman & Superman or at least having Bruce Wayne meet Clark Kent. I guess they should get consistency points for continued failure since season three. To make matters worse, Darkseid will appear this season – most likely he will be the big villain of the season but with no actual “Superman” on the show, how is that sensible? And how is this low budget show going to pull off Boom Tubes, Kalibak or any of the other inhabitants of Apokolips?

OK, rant over, let’s focus on some appearances that make sense. Hawkgirl will appear but it is not clear if she will be a present character or a flashback one since Hawkman said she died years ago. Hawkman returns this season and with him he will bring the likes of Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle. Booster Gold is perfect for closing out this show because his persona is utterly ridiculous…just as Smallville has become.