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The Bundys Make Their Funko Pop! Debut In November

A Funko Pop vinyl figure of a man in a tie.
A Funko Pop vinyl figure of a man in a tie.

As more and more iconic TV shows get the Funko Pop! treatment many fans have asked me if we'll ever see a line of Pop! figures from shows like Family Matters or Married with Children. While it was always possible we'd see some from those shows that possibility became reality today with Funko announcing a wave of Pop! figures from the iconic 90's sitcom Married with Children. Fans of Al, Peggy, Kelly, and Bud will be able to add them to their Pop! collection in November. Check out the full assortment below including chase figures and retailer exclusives.


Retailer Exclusive

Target Exclusive

I can personally say that I need the Al Bundy in his Polk High uniform. Preorder the whole family from our friends at Entertainment Earth below.