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The Dark Knight Returns with Episode 4 of ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’

Batman: The Enemy Within - joker & Harley

Telltale Games is kicking off 2018 properly with none other than Gotham's finest! The second season of their Batman tale is going strong and you are missing out if you are not up to date with Batman: The Enemy Within. The internet has said things like “Telltale makes better movies than Warner Bros.” in describing the narrative. On January 23, return to this alternate version of Gotham City that Telltale has created. Let your choices guide your path and see who survives!

When the Pact puts its plan into motion, Bruce's cover is finally blown, and as his web of lies unravels, new questions emerge: When and how will the Pact regroup? What's truly motivating Amanda Waller and the Agency? And perhaps most importantly, how will John Doe handle the truth about his buddy Bruce? With another showdown brewing, the clown prince of crime may finally earn his crown…