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The Demo for NieR: Automata is Live Now!

I know that a lot of us are less than pleased at developer Platinum Games for some of their recent releases. Today, we can find out if their partnership with Square Enix has them on the road to redemption in 2017. The demo for NieR: Automata is available on PS4 starting today. Along with our first chance to get our hands on the sequel to NieR, we will get a taste of some of the “iconic weapons” the game will feature. The trailer shows that we will have access to the FFXV Engine Blade and the Cypress Stick of Dragon Quest fame. The Latter even displays damage in the Dragon Quest style. NieR: Automata looks visually stunning. If Square Enix' track record of quality holds firm into 2017, we are in for a treat.

NieR: Automata - boss

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