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The Go-Bots Return This Fall Courtesy Of IDW

A Return of the Go-Bots inspired drawing of a robot sporting sunglasses.
A Return of the Go-Bots inspired drawing of a robot sporting sunglasses.

Growing up in the 80's kids had either Transformers or Go-Bots to get their transforming robot fix. Transformers, of course, went on to become a cult classic while the mighty Go-Bots quietly faded into the background. This fall the Go-Bots take center stage as IDW celebrates the 35th anniversary of the iconic toy line with a brand new comic series. Check out the full press release below and look for the series on store shelves beginning in October.

In the new five-issue series, the existence of Go-Bots on Earth has changed humans’ way of life. They chauffeur us around. They protect us from harm. They do the jobs that are too boring or dangerous for us. They fight our wars for us. They are friends for the lonely. The only thing they don’t do is dream for us… but that could change any day now. For a generation, Leader-1 and the Guardians have said that they were here to help us… but as they become more integrated into our society, the question must be asked: Are they here to replace us?

“This is a dream project – I’m writing, drawing, coloring, and hand-lettering this book. It’s a labor of love,” says Scioli. “When these characters were conceived of in the ’80s, the idea of robots with human personalities was science fiction. Now, it’s history. The world of living machines is here – we’re living it. The time is right for Go-Bots!”

“Avant-garde creator Tom Scioli has been pushing the comic book storytelling medium for nearly two decades now and his work on Go-Bots is yet another watershed moment in his career,” says IDW Associate Publisher David Hedgecock. “It is a testament to the strong collaboration between IDW Publishing and Hasbro, that projects like this can exist on licensed properties.”

Creator Bio:

Tom Scioli is a writer and artist who works primarily in the comic book/graphic novel art form. His solo works include American BarbarianSatan's SoldierMystery Object, and Myth of 8-Opus. He is the co-author of the comic and graphic novel series Godland with Joe Casey, and the co-writer/artist of IDW’s Transformers vs. G.I. Joe.

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