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The Hunger Games: Meet Cinna!

I am crossing the days off my calendar to March 23rd – the opening day of the highly-anticipated “Hunger Games” movie. As we inch closer and closer, new teasers and sneak peeks are being released by Lions Gate Entertainment, and here is one for you to check out.

Meet Cinna, as portrayed by Lenny Kravitz. Cinna is the Head Stylist for Katniss as she enters the Games. However, if you have read the books like I have, you already know that Cinna is much more than a mere makeup, hair and clothing guru. He transforms Katniss into”The Girl on Fire”. He is integral to the story and a wonderful character.

hunger games 2012 poster 64677

What do you think of this small snippet of Kravitz? Do you think he will be good in this film?
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