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The Making of the ‘Warsaw’ Reveal Trailer

A Making of Warsaw Reveal Trailer.

Just last week, Gaming company and Pixelated Milk revealed the Darkest Dungeon inspired WARSAW with a haunting and heart-stopping trailer. Now, they want to give everyone a behind-the-scenes look at what it took for the talented team at Human Ark animation studio to bring this gut-wrenching trailer to life. See how Human Ark's ‘special task force' came together to create the truly emotional WARSAW reveal trailer.

Set during World War 2, Warsaw is a beautifully hand-painted tactical role-playing game. The setting is the Nazi-invaded Central European capital city of the same name. Players will meet varied characters coming from all walks of life gathering together to rise up against their oppressors. Warsaw will be arriving in Q3 2019 on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Here is the reveal trailer if you missed it.

Developed by the talented team at Pixelated Milk, alongside efforts from publisher gaming company over the past 15 months, Warsaw brings to light Poland's historic 1944 uprising providing an immersive experience of tactical urban warfare. Setting the tone of love, friendship, loyalty, and the invariable struggle against overwhelming odds the haunting teaser trailer, created by animation studio Human Ark with a song performed by acclaimed Polish singer, Brodka is a chilling early look at what's in store for Warsaw.

Warsaw Features:

  • A mix of tactical RPG with a touch of strategy
  • Team and equipment management
  • A deep system of interlocking skills
  • Flanking, cover, positioning, weapon range and ammo consumption – all need to be taken into account during firefights
  • A fully realized city to traverse
  • Leave the safety of your hideout to scout the streets, collect resources, recruit new members, and engage with enemy assailants

Players will be able to get their hands on Warsaw for the first time at PAX East 2019 in Boston from March 28 – 31, 2019.