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The Princess Guide – Meet the Warrior Princesses!

A new evil threatens the land, and four princesses step up to defend their kingdoms! Take them under your tutelage, refine their skills, and foster the ultimate princess knights! The Princess Guide comes to Nintendo Switch and PS4 in early 2019!

The Princess Guide - Liliartie

Head Knight of Alixon, Liliartie

With a seemingly bottomless stomach, Liliartie absolutely loves to eat. Meat is what she especially looks forward to, but your training regimen is of even greater interest to her!

The Princess Guide - Veronica

Guild Master of the Rusty Magic Guild, Veronica 

A prodigy of the magical arts, Veronica exerts her authority and expects efficient results. Just don't get on her bad side, or else you'll be turned into a frog!

The Princess Guide - Monomaria

Fallen Noble of the Yudaria Family, Monomaria 

Chivalrous to the core, Monomaria is a diligent aristocrat who takes her training seriously. She holds you in high regard but carries an immense burden on her shoulders.

The Princess Guide - Alpana

Sage of the Great Kamara Faith, Alpana 

A beloved dragon princess who breathes faith over fire, Alpana wishes for nothing but peace among all. How will her mission fare during this time of war?

Each princess has a unique story to tell, and your training regimen will determine how her tale unfolds! Is decisive victory within her reach? How much must be sacrificed to achieve it? Find out in The Princess Guide, available early 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PS4!