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The R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream (01/15/2016)

The Deadly Tower of Monsters - poster

Tonight we have a special treat for you guys! A sneak peek at a brand new game! The Deadly Tower of Monsters is an upcoming created by developer ACE Team and published by ATLUS. It is about director Dan Smith reliving how great it was to make the B-movie of the same name. Prepare yourself for ray guns, rubber monsters and cheap stop motion effects as I try this new game out. Look forward to the review next week and don't forget that The Deadly Tower of Monsters is available for PSN and Steam gamers this Tuesday, January 19th!

P.S. I am only allowed to show you a certain amount of gameplay, so if I make it to the Mecha-Gorilla, know that the stream is coming to an end. If it is early,  I will switch to another title.