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Here are the results of the polls to see what you guys wanted to see me stream:

  1. Yakuza 5 (3 votes)
  2. Yoshi's Wooly World / Just Cause 3 / Grand Theft Auto V (1 vote each)

Of course, it is par for the course here at R.A.G.E. Works that we run into technical difficulties. I started downloading Yakuza 5 at 9PM. Downloads have been pretty good on the PS4 lately but I forgot this is a PS3 game. . .

It's at 2% everyone.

I am still going to stream, but I will be doing random games in the hope that Yakuza 5 finishes tonight. There may be some pauses in the stream while I check and if I am able to stream it, please give me a few minutes to change my equipment from PS4 to PS3. Sorry for the inconvenience folks. This is a work in progress.

Here is the stream:

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