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The R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream, Episode# 59

Batman: The Telltale Series - logo

As the holidays approach, it is time for us to reflect on family. Those closer to us than anyone else. In that stead, today's episode of the R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream heads back to Telltale Games' version of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne may have lost his parents, but there is one person that is truly like family for him. This person is closer than pretty much anyone else in his life and some might say he could not exist without him.

Nope, I am not talking about Alfred. This is a person that is almost the flipside of the coin to Bruce. I am not talking about Harvey either as we have already seen both of his faces.

Today, the stream introduces Gotham's biggest smile! The original prankster; the clown prince! Episode four of Batman: The Telltale Series introduces us to none other than The Joker! Make sure to join the stream and stick around for the laughs!