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The Sights of Sweet Suite 2014

This past Thursday, we did not air a live episode of My Take Radio since I was invited to an event called the Sweet Suite which showcased new toys and gadgets hitting retailers this year. We got to see product offerings from companies like Lego and McFarlane Toys plus get a sneak peek at the upcoming Disney Infinity and Skylanders Trap Team. Check our photos from the event and be on the lookout for separate content relating to some of the great products we saw.

 Skylanders Trap Team

Disney Infinity 2.0

We had the chance to play both Disney Infinity 2.0 and Skylanders Trap Team and came away impressed with the variety of figures and how engaging the game play was as well for both. Gamers will have lots to look forward to this fall.  However, it wasn't all games at the Sweet Suite, as various toy companies had great toys on deck as well. Lego had a great showing with their licenses including items from Lego Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie (just to name a few).


McFarlane Toys had some great new Walking Dead collectibles plus a ton of Raving Rabids stuff which will surely be a hit with the kids. They showcased their continued improvement of their sports line right down to dirt on the jerseys. McFarlane continues to kill it and as a long time fan I am happy to see them succeed.

McFarlane Toys

While it is easy for me to discuss all the products that our fans love, I do have to acknowledge all the other great vendors and their awesome toys and gadgets. We had classics like the Care Bears and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to new properties like Minecraft and Doc McStuffins. I even got to get some hands on time with the Leap TV as well.

We had an amazing time at the Sweet Suite event and we look forward to keeping you guys up to date on all the cool products we saw.