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The Sights Of Toy Fair 2016: Factory Entertainment

Funko showcases new toy fair products in New York City.
Funko showcases new toy fair products in New York City.

We had the chance to visit the Factory Entertainment booth at Toy Fair 2016 and besides coming away impressed with the amazing amount of detailed collectibles we were also amazed at the detailed statues they showcased as well. Let's take a look at some of the awesome sights from the Factory Entertainment booth.

The Alex Ross style pieces for both the Avengers and Justice League were so impressive and incredibly detailed that I think I ended up taking at least 50 pictures just to showcase all the details. Have a look and see the stellar job Factory Entertainment did in bringing these pieces from the comics to the real world.

While Factory Entertainment had a ton of great Marvel & DC merchandise on display they also had a solid lineup of Game of Thrones collectibles including play weapons and some prop caliber crowns from the series. If you are a cosplayer or just huge fan of the show then these collectibles should definitely be on your radar.

To learn more about Factory Entertainment you can visit their site or look for their merchandise by visiting Entertainment Earth