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The Sights Of Toy Fair 2020: The Loyal Subjects

The Loyal Subjects have been considered friends of RAGE Works for some time with their CEO and Founder Jonathan Cathey being one of the earliest guests on Toys & Tech of the Trade podcast. Jonathan appreciates the nostalgia amongst the collector community and while TLS is giving those fans their action vinyl via properties they know and love they are also venturing into new brands and flexing their creative muscles beyond the small figure space. You don't have to take my word for it though as Jonathan takes us through a walkthrough of their booth for this year's Toy Fair.

In addition to the walkthrough, we took plenty of pictures as well. Check out the gallery below to see The Loyal Subjects has in store for their fans this year.

The Loyal Subjects also showcased their upcoming larger action figures which not only look impressive but are also friendly on the wallet as well. Check out those upcoming figures below.

The Loyal Subjects has a lot of exciting products on the horizon and we enjoyed sharing them with you.

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