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The Technomancer – Survival is Your Greatest Skill

The Technomancer is one week away from our excitedly fidgety fingers. The action RPG boasts ample gameplay with multiple story paths and endings. Fans of KotOR, Jade Empire and Mass Effect are going to feel right at home with this new IP from Spiders. You will create your character, choose a battle style and upgrade abilities, equipment and weapons. Regardless of what you choose, Mars is a dangerous and unforgiving planet. The skill you will rely on most is not in the skill tree but you must develop it. That skill is survival. You must brave the harsh environment, tame and or combat mutant monstrosities that inhabit the planet and worst of all are the people. How you deal with them will determine how far you can make it. The latest trailer will give you an idea of what to expect next week. Remember that you are The Technomancer that others must fear and respect. On June 28, the world of Mars is yours for the taking.