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The Technomancer Roams the Red Desert of e3

The Technomancer has already gone gold. Only 18 days remain until the game is in the hands of fans. Why am I stating the obvious, you might ask. I just finished criticizing its publishing mate Call of Cthulhu for having an e3 trailer with no gameplay and here we have the same thing from The Technomancer. The difference is that this game has been showing us gameplay for the last year and this trailer is probably also going to be the commercial you see on TV in a few weeks. If you do not know about this game at this point, you more than likely were not going to buy it anyway. It doesn't hurt that this one is kinda badass either. The Technomancer will be playable at e3 and you can play it on PC, PS4 or Xbox One come Tuesday, June 28th.

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