THQ Nordic partners with Experiment 101 to bring Biomutant to us in 2018. Hoping to breathe new life into the action RPG genre, our protagonist will blend martial arts with active mutation to put enemies down. Right now we just have a teaser trailer but Biomutant will be playable at PAX West. A 2018 launch is expected on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Biomutant - wings

Biomutant is a new take on third-person combat. The martial arts style combat system allows maximum freedom of movement and agility mixed with shooting and mutation-based powers. Acquiring new Wushu combat styles through progression and lessons from masters keeps the combat fresh.

Biomutant - huge monsters

The mutation gameplay mechanic will change your melee style by adding things like mantis claws and a barbed tail to your physical arsenal. At the same time, radioactive waste will alter your ability to traverse the world with abilities like telekinesis and levitation. Round that out with the ability to craft weapons as you mix and match parts found throughout the world.Modify guns, blades, chainsaws and more. The point is to allow the player to create their very own Biomutant.

Biomutant - mech combat

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