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Top 10 Cards in Ixalan – Magic: The Gathering

Pirates, dinosaurs, and colonizing vampires. Who ISN'T excited for the next Magic The Gathering set, Ixalan? This is looking like one of the best sets in years, and after the excellent Amonkhet, it looks like Wizards is going to deliver again with Ixalan. That's why I'm taking a look at my personal picks for the Top 10 cards in Ixalan. These aren't exactly the “best” cards from the set, and there is no telling if these will make it into high level play yet, but they certainly seem like some of the most interesting and exciting cards.

10. Revel in Riches


Rounding out the Top 10 cards in Ixalan is Revel in Riches, a possible turn six win. While that's clearly possible in some other formats that use older cards from Magic, within the confines of the standard format this could be great. The last two blocks, Kaldesh and Amonkhet, relied heavily on 1/1 tokens. Combine this card with something like Sweltering Sun, and you could score yourself an easy win condition. Revel in Riches also benefits the other cards in Ixalan that give you treasure tokens.

9. Wanted Scoundrels

The flavor text is a legitimate warning, as this card probably shouldn't be played. Considering it can die to most removal in standard, its probably not worth it. But, a 4/3 for 2 mana? How could anyone resist? On the off chance that your opponent doesn't actually have any remove, it could be worth the risk.

8. Tocalti Honor Guard

Sure, Tocatli Honor Guard dies to cheap removal, but so does 95 percent of cards in the game. This card is the ultimate side-board card. Just like a planeswalker, this card is a red herring. While your opponent thinks you are using it for its ability, it's really there to be a distraction for the bigger threats in your deck. As an added bonus, your opponent's entire deck strategy could be stalled.

7. Duress and Opt

These one drop classics are back. One mana to see your opponents entire hand and remove a problem card, and a one mana spell to scry and draw. For the cost, Duress and Opt are too good to pass up. For commons, these are some of the best in the set.

6. Trove of Temptation

This is an aggressive deck's dream. Considering how many decks rest on their laurels waiting for the opportunity to strike, Trove of Temptation puts a halt to that. The extra mana it generates is just the icing on the cake.

5. Kopala, Warden of Waves

The only tribal focused card for my Top 10 cards in Ixalan is Kopala. Merfolks are finally back in the spotlight, and Kopala is guaranteed to be in every Merfolk tribal deck in standard. With most Merfolks in this set having three or less toughness, making a spell like Shock cost three mana instead of one is invaluable. While there are several Merfolks in Ixalan that look practical to play, Kopala looks to be the best in the tribe so far.

4. Dire Fleet Ravager

Dire Fleet Ravager is a five drop bomb. He's going to hurt everyone on the field, and might even take out a good majority of your opponent's creatures. With life link being prevalent in Ixalan, Dire Fleet Ravager is the ultimate counter. Furthermore, he's taking four life per turn unless the opponent wants to sacrifice two creatures to his death touch. Even if he isn't played in standard, expect to see him get some play in EDH.

3. Axis of Mortality

This card needs no explanation.


2. Dowsing Dager/ Lost Vale

Dowsing Dagger is high risk high reward. A card that is essentially useless unless you control an unblockable creature. However, considering Slither Blade is still legal in standard, the two combined would make a great combo. A deck using Dowsing Dagger is going to be made or broken based on it's mana curve and if it can transform the dagger into Lost Vale. Expect to see this in pro play.

1. Vraska, Relic Seaker

At the very top of my Top 10 has to be Vraska. While her ultimate is amazing, her +2 is just as good. Summoning a planeswalker and then being able to summon defense is rare, being able to pop off their ultimate that soon is even rarer. Vraska just seems so versatile. Even being able to pop off her -3 twice can be a godsend. I'll eat my words if this isn't one of the priciest cards from the set.