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Toys & Tech of the Trade: Ben & Taylor/Black is the New Black

We are spotlighting two of our own for the latest Toys & Tech of the Trade as we ask Ben & Taylor who host the Black is the New Black podcast on RAGE Works about what toys and tech they need not only for their work on their podcast but for a normal day as well. Ben will share his responses first followed by Taylor on the next page.

Who are you and what do you do?: I am Ben, the co-host of your baby mama’s favorite podcast Black is The New Black and Rage Work’s resident MMA/Comic writer.

Base of operations aka home: Columbia, SC

Current mobile device: ZTE Max

What do you like/dislike the most about your current mobile device?: Like: the huge screen Dislike: that for some reason my favorite comic book app doesn’t work on it

Three mobile apps you can't live without: Spotify, Comic Rack, Tumblr

Show us your home screen:

Current Laptop or desktop: Acer

Most used program/programs on laptop/desktop: Spotify

Show us your desktop:

First place you go when you open your phone or computer: Spotify/Facebook

One website you recommend to people often: eyesonanime.com or justdubs.com

Favorite piece of tech besides your phone/computer: PS4

What's playing in the background while you work?: Tiron & Ayomani – “The Great New Beautiful”

Gamer?: Of course!

What are you playing?: Metal Gear Solid 5/ Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Last gaming purchase: Metal Gear Solid 5

What item have you purchased recently that is less than $100 that has made your life easier or more enjoyable: WWE Network membership

Since you and Taylor cover comics on Black is the New Black what comics, graphic novels, and/or manga are you currently reading?: We Stand on Guard

Where can people find your work and connect with you?:

  • Twitter: @blaqout89 
  • Tumblr: bitnbcast.tumblr.com