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Travelogue Updates, Screenshots and a Ton of GTA V Goodness

GTA V hits stores on 9/17 but we have a ton of updates from Rockstar to share with you guys. We'll start with the official GTA V site which got a new commercial from the Blaine County Board of Tourism plus new screens and artwork . The artwork is available for download in both mobile and desktop sizes.

Members of Rockstar Games Social Club get some exclusive perks with today's  site update as well including the unlockable Assault Sub Machine Gun, the blazing Annis Elegy RH8 sports car and unique haircuts for Franklin, Michael and Trevor to sport around town. Social Club members will also be able to access the deep suite of Career stats and player checklist features to monitor everything from heist performances to BAWSAQ investment portfolios and compare progress and accomplishments against Friends through special leaderboards. Social Club members can also share in-game mobile photos online via Snapmatic and qualify for exclusive discounts on select in-game purchases through Lifeinvader.com.

Last but not least we got another round of screenshots to share with you guys before the game drops Tuesday.

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