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Uncanny X-Men Ends and Begins Anew

I have read Uncanny X-Men for a long time and it was one of my favorite x-books. With the huge arcs of Fear Itself & Schism coming to a close it saddens me to say that issue 544 will be the final issue of this series in its present incarnation. I remember Executioners Song eating countless hours of my younger years and Uncanny X-Men being a huge part of one of my favorite arcs. Check out some of the great art Marvel has provided us to close out this series in style.







Uncanny X-Men 544 will be available on 10/19/11.

How do you guys feel about the major changes going on with the X-Men?

The end of Uncanny X-Men is but the foundation for a new Uncanny X-Men that will launch in November. Mr. Sinister is looking to cause to a lot of trouble for this new X-team and something tells me that Apocalypse won’t be far behind in some shape  or form.  X-Men Regenesis continues in Uncanny X-Men #1 on sale on 11/2/11 and also in issue #2 on sale 11/16/11. Marvel was kind enough to share covers for issues 1 & 2 of this newly reborn series.

Will you be picking up the new Uncanny X-Men title?