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Valkyria Revolution Launches in the Americas!

A screenshot of Valkyria Revolution, a video game set in Americas at launch, featuring a man wielding a sword.

War is here.

The independent kingdom of Jutland has suffered long enough from the Ruzi Empire's economic blockade and only guns, steel, and ragnite can lead the way towards freedom. Get ready to charge the elite Vanargand squad into glorious battle and take on the living embodiment of death in demi-god form because Valkyria Revolution is now available in the Americas! Lead the veteran Captain Amleth Grønkjær, Jutland's beloved Princess Ophelia, and a team of grizzled soldiers as they fight the good fight against the Ruzi Empire and its deadly Valkyria. However, Amleth harbors a terrible secret that will be unraveled throughout the conflict. Is he loyal to the country he has sworn to defend?

Valkyria Revolution - Amleth and the princess

Though it bears the Valkyria name, Valkyria Revolution eschews the original series' traditional turn-based strategy and is a whole new entry with new characters, a new world, and new gameplay mechanics. The static, turn-based battlefield has become an action-oriented stage for devastating melee strikes, lethal ranged attacks, and strategic shifts to turn the tide of battle, all while exploring the incredible continent of Europa. Valkyria Revolution is out now on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One in the Americas and will release on June 30 in Europe.

Valkyria Revolution is now available for purchase on PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One.