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The Veronica Mars Movie Is Looking To Make (More) Kickstarter History!

With 9 days to go in its campaign, The Veronica Mars Movie Project on Kickstarter has a total of 66,646 backers and has raised a staggering  $4,471,466! How's that for LoVe?

The man behind the machine, Rob Thomas, has been sending updates to all the contributors (like me) with what's been going on. Their newest ambition is to have more backers than any Kickstarter project in history – so all they need is 23,000 more backers. If so, the VMMP will pass the (current) largest drive, which was something called “Double Fine Adventure” which had 87,142 backers. To reach this goal, they have added a $1 donation level, which would get you all the updates provided to the masses. So, if you wish to join the movement, all it takes is a buck. One buckaroo. Plus, they have made it so 21 countries can all pledge, so there's no excuse! Let's make it happen!

Annoy tiny blonde one…Annoy like the wind!

Also, through another update last night, Mr. Thomas informed us all that Jason Dohring has officially signed on to bring Logan Echolls back into our lives! While only he and Kristen Bell are officially in this movie as of this post, you know more Veronica Mars cast members will follow. Keith, Wallace, Mac, Piz, Dick, Weevil – come on down folks! We marshmallows miss you.

To motivate you to pledge, take a look at the video below showing the case reactions on the first day of the campaign. It's honestly quite awesome that WE made this happen.


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