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Veronica Mars: The After Effects

Credit: Warner Bros.

Veronica Mars has kickstarted my heart again. (See what I did there?) Not that my love for this show has ever been suppressed, it has just not had new reasons to show itself. Over $5 million dollars of our hard-earned money and months of production later, my eyes have realized what I have been waiting for for 7 years. The ending to the LoVe story. The snark and the one-liners. The relationships and “defend her honor” fights. Pivotal pieces of the show we loved so much resonating on the big screen. Did Rob Thomas disappoint? No ladies and gents, he did not in the least bit. He re-awakened the love I have for this show…and now I want more.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Let's talk Veronica. Nine years after she stepped out of that voting booth and we were left with the tune “It Never Rains In Southern California” our heroine,  now a lawyer, is in New York interviewing at high end firms. What else is she doing? Let's get right to it – dating Stosh “Piz” Piznarski. (Now, don't get me wrong – I like Piz. I think he is pretty great. He provides Veronica with stability and no drama…but we all know the endgame.) While visiting Piz at work, the news reports that pop star Bonnie DeVille (once known as Carrie Bishop) was murdered in her home…and the suspect is her boyfriend Logan Echolls. So, we all figure out what comes next – Veronica gets pulled back to Neptune to help Logan. Initially, she was to help him hire a competent attorney, but eventually she realizes it is herself who is his best option. Coincidentally, this falls right in line with Neptune High's 10 year reunion, which, after we see quite a few old faces, ends in a brawl that pits the core men against Neptune High. The start of this brawl you ask? Logan defending Veronica's honor when Madison Sinclair plays a certain tape of Veronica and Piz that was filmed at Hearst. Oh that Logan – always fighting for his epic love.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Honestly, as far as the murder mystery goes, I honestly didn't care too much. It could have been about a missing cat and the movie would have been just as great. Why? Because the mystery will always get solved. Veronica's that awesome. I wanted all the tidings of the show brought back into my life, and that is exactly what I received. During the 107 minutes of the movie, we get more of what made the show great. Mystery, comedy, snark, wit and plenty of characters we all fell in love with. Rob Thomas, you have said your main focus of this movie to you was making fans happy, and I salute you. That is what you did. You made me (and countless others) happy. Whether it be Veronica's snappy one-liners or the slew of characters we are brought back to Neptune in a seamless way. And let's all be honest with ourselves, we just wanted Team Logan to win – which is exactly what happens.

Credit: Warner Bros. Credit: Warner Bros

The movie itself feels like an extended episode, which is fine for me. I was not expecting blockbuster. I was expecting what I loved all along. Kristen Bell is magnetic in this title role, and she never disappoints. Jason Dohring plays Logan like no other – and come on that Navy uniform! You'd be lying if you say you didn't squeal a little. All the major players were as they always have been. Keith Mars is arguably one of the best TV dads ever, and although I wish we would've gotten more father/daughter moments, his saying “Who's your daddy” was great.  I loved the relationships between Veronica/Mac/Wallace and how it was made that they never lost touch or grew out of favor with each other. True friendships stand the test of time, and it was like we never left them all those years ago. I was satisfied with the ending of the movie. Logan was (obviously) cleared and back with Veronica (LoVe forever), while she decided that her life as a PI was what made her happy and fulfilled, even if it meant disappointing the one person she never wanted to – Keith.

Rob Thomas was able to take us from Season 3 to the big screen in an effortless way that tied up the loose ends we agonized over, but still left so much more to be told. If you are a Veronica Mars fan, you got what you wanted. If you never watched the show, honestly, all the “inside” jokes and references will be lost, but it is still a good hour and forty minutes spent. (Although seriously – go back and watch Seasons 1-3, you will thank me.)

I wanted to wait to post my review until the opening weekend box office numbers were in – and with a limited release of 297 theaters, # 10 and $2,021,000 ain't bad folks. Mind you, this doesn't include download purchases. Here's hoping that TPTB at Warner Bros. can come to some kind of agreement for a sequel or something, because like I said, the insatiable hunger that I have for this show has been brought back to life. Feed me marshmallows!