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Vigor ‘Aids’ Players with 0.9 Update

A man vigorously holds a gun with the word "Vigor" engraved on it.

Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce Vigor's release of its 0.9 Update, aptly named “Aid”. This update includes several changes to the game including tightened shooting, improved movement animations, and the inclusion of the following brand-new features: Food & charity boxes, the Outlander's Store, weapon skins, spectator mode, achievements, daily challenges, and new character models.

Vigor is an upcoming, free-to-play, shoot ‘n' loot game where you must build a shelter and survive in post-war Norway. Vigor is an Xbox Exclusive currently available in Game Preview with over 550,000 players who have already tried out the early access version. The next step after Update 0.9: Aid is the Free-to-Play Release, which will happen later this summer.

Features of the “Aid” Update
  • Food & Charity Box – Outlanders (players) can now become an Aid to others via the ability to donate food through the newly implemented ‘Charity Box'
  • Outlander's Store – This store provides new options to stand out with various customizations like uniforms, backpacks, headgear, etc.  
  • Improved Shooting – You asked and we answered — We collected all the player feedback and have made major improvements to the shooting mechanics
  • Weapon Skins – Along with the character customization we are adding weapon skins to allow Outlanders the opportunity to stand out
  • Spectator Mode – Anohter major ask from the community has been added to Vigor — Outlanders can now spectate their killer and learn about (and from) their enemies while doing so
  • New Female Characters – A focus on inclusion sees new female-focused game-models available for avatar choice
  • Improved Movement Animations – The third thing Outlanders wanted to improve significantly. Movement animations are now smoother and more polished
  • Achievements
  • Daily Challenges