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Watch Dogs: Could Chicago Unseat Los Santos as the Greatest Online Community?

To my knowledge, Ubisoft is not looking to make Watch Dogs the next GTA clone or to topple said franchise as the king of the sandbox. Regardless, the comparisons will be made and the fact that a real city is being used can go a long way to sway opinion. Anyone playing the game that either lives in or has been to Chicago is going to compare the digital version to the real thing. GTA V’s Los Santos does bear similarities to parts of California, but similar is all you get. Ubisoft has gone a long way to put the real Chicago in your hands and on your screen. Aside from putting you on the real streets of Chicago, Watch Dogs would have to do its best to recreate the population of the historic city. To do that, a new engine called Disrupt was created specifically for Watch Dogs. According to the devs, each NPC has their own unique personality and the interaction possibilities are near endless. All of this is not even taking into account the multiplayer aspect of the game. At the beginning of the year, Ubisoft showed us a trailer of how other players can “invade” your Chicago and take information and/or money from you and how you can follow them back to their world and get your revenge. This combination gives an unlimited potential that could give very long term replayability to the game. Here is one thing I want to suggest to Ubisoft to make that work: Pay attention to the online community; get on cheaters quickly and fix bugs as quickly as possible. Those are issues that have killed the fun of GTA V.  Hopefully it never comes to that and we have a great gaming experience. Take a look at what they are attempting to bring to us in May:

Watch Dogs releases on consoles and PC on May 27. Let’s hope and pray for a solid game environment both on and offline.