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Watch Samsung Unpack The Note 10 Here At 4 PM ET/ 1 PM PT

Experience the latest innovation with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 featured in our captivating ad released during the highly anticipated Samsung Unpack event.

It's that time once again! Time for Samsung to unveil the next Note device. This year they take over the Barclays Center and while the Note 10 is the main focus we are sure Samsung will have some other things in store.

The current crop of rumors picking up steam this week are that Note fans will not only get an S-Pen with a built-in camera but also a choice a 6.3 inch Note 10 or a 6.8 inch Note 10 Plus. We won't have to wait long to see if the rumors are true as you can watch the live stream right here with us starting at 4 PM ET/ 1 PM PT. Are you excited for Samsung's next Note? Join us and let us know in the comments.