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Watch The PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Here Starting At 4 PM ET

The PlayStation 5 reveal event is finally upon us and this event will providing some much needed insights into what Sony has in store for gamers this holiday season. You can be part of the announcement alongside all of us here at RAGE Works beginning at 4 PM ET/ 1 PM PT by clicking the play button in the video player above.

The current post-COVID-19 holiday season will be very interesting for both Sony and Microsoft since both companies are prepping for battle with no events to leverage versus previous years. While seeing these tech demos is nice nothing generates real interest like some hands on experience with a new console. We look forward to seeing what Sony will be bringing to the table with the PS5 and how much this new experience will cost gamers.

What are you hoping to see from Sony during the PlayStation 5 event? Let us know in the comments.