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Why You Should Be Watching: Community

Here’s my second pick in my Top 5 Network Comedies. Just in time, since the long-awaited premiere is tonight at 8PM!

Show: Community

Network: NBC

Airs: Thursdays, 8PM

Cast: Jeff (Joel McHale)

Abed (Danny Pudi)

Troy(Donald Glover)

Annie (Alison Brie)

Pierce (Chevy Chase)

Britta (Gillian Jacobs)

Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown)

Chang (Ken Jeong)

Dean Pelton (Jim Rash)

Community centers around students in a study group at the fictitious Greendale Community College. Jeff, a former lawyer, was required to go back to school after he is disbarred for not actually having a Bachelor’s Degree. He subsequently forms the group, made up of himself, Abed,Troy, Annie, Pierce, Shirley and Britta and hilarity ensues throughout the school semesters. Seriously, the things that go on in this show…

The cast is stellar, and combining their comedic chops has made Community one of the best comedies on TV. Joel McHale is fantastically funny – having first watched him on The Soup and then seeing his live show, I was thrilled when he got this job. My favorite characters on this show are definitely Troy and Abed. I love them – who doesn’t? They are the perfect pairing, and I have teared from laughing so hard multiple times. Honestly, I think they could have a spinoff. (Get on that NBC!) Chevy Chase is the funniest he has been in years. The women on this show definitley hold their own, adding just enought eye candy for the men while adding to the laughter.  Add in the rest of the cast, and it is always 30 minutes of off the wall hilarity. If you liked Ken Jeong in The Hangover, you will love him in this show.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of what you may have missed –





Thoughts were that NBC was going to make the colossally stupid mistake of cancelling the show due to not-so-great ratings. However, much like another NBC cult fave Chuck, fans rallied around the show, starting “Save Community” petitions and Facebook pages. So, instead, the network pushed back it's premiere to midseason. (I mean seriously, NBC, you should be used to this by now.) In other great news, this week, Comedy Central announced that it has just got rights to syndicate the show to begin airing in late 2013.