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Willow Arrives on Blu-ray for the First Time.

Long before the adventures of Frodo, Bilbo and Gandalf there was another classic fantasy film that was a staple in my household. That film was Willow. I remember seeing Willow in the theater with my older brother and walking out wanting a General Kael and Madmartigan action figure. Sadly as I got older the nostalgia faded and I forgot about this film for a few years. When it arrived on DVD I purchased it on day one. It was a great trip down memory lane and actually held its own against some of the newer fantasy films. It was recently announced that we would be getting a fully-restored 25th anniversary edition of the film on Blu-ray overseen by Lucasfilm which leads me to believe that we can expect a flawless transfer.  This fully-restored edition will include deleted scenes and featurettes and will be released on March 12th.

Source: Collider