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Wonder Woman…WTF!

Okay I, as much as the next person welcome new TV endeavors. It gives me much needed escape from mundane daily things I have going on. However, I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to this Wonder Woman pilot. Somewhere, TPTB at DC are screaming in agony. Not that I dislike Wonder Woman, or even who has been casted this far. I just think this show is going to be shit. Utter, crap-tastic shit. Maybe I just don’t look forward to a modernized, watered-down Diana Prince. I want Amazonian hard-ass Diana Prince who takes no shit. Perhaps that is why my outlook is so bleak.

We were first graced with this all-fanboys-jizz-in-their-pants photo of Adrianne Palicki in the WW costume a few days ago:

Now, we have been given a few more photos of Wonder Woman “in action” during pilot filming (if in action was running and falling on the floor).

Obviously, they changed the boots back to red from cerulean and it looks a wee bit better, but overall, still…shit. All this looks like to me is a cute girl running from a potential date rapist on Halloween. It’s ridiculous. Please, let’s all hope that the actual show has some sort of real plot and good acting, or it will not make my coveted DVR list. NBC – WTF! Is Chuck going to be the only reason I watch your network?

What do you think of the concept of this show and these new photos? Hit the comments.