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World Warriors Find a New Fight In Monster Hunter: World

It looks as though Sakura may get her wish of finding the bond that connects her to her future. The latest character to join the roster of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition teams up with Ryu. Together they seek out new challenges in Monster Hunter: World. Details are scarce on whether there will be any additional story for these characters or if these are just cosmetic changes. The trailer only features the pair, but Capcom has shown us a few more “challengers” entering the arena:


Monster Hunter: World - Ibuki
Ibuki Kirin
Monster Hunter: World - Ken
Ken Rathalos
Monster Hunter: World - R. Mika
Rainbow Mika Zinogre

Even if this is just cosmetic, this is big for Street Fighter fans. This is the very first time that Rainbow Mika has (officially) been seen with no mask on! No word on exactly when these skins will be available, but we will definitely keep fans of both series posted! Monster Hunter: World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC players will have to wait until Fall of 2018, unfortunately.