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Wonder Woman & DC TV Season Finales Take Center Stage On DC All Access

Wonder Woman is in theaters and DC All Access sat down with the cast and director to discuss the work that went into bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen including Amazon training. Wonder Woman's relationship with Steve Trevor is also discussed.

WONDER WOMAN Secrets w/ Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Patty Jenkins & More
The movie of the summer is here! In this DC All Access clip, we talk to director Patty Jenkins and the cast of Wonder Woman about what went into bringing Diana to the screen for the very first time. What sort of training did the Amazons go through? How did the chemistry between Diana and Steve Trevor develop? Which character from the film is based on a real person? Answers to these questions and more await!

DC TV had a few shows winding down this month including Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl but Lucifer and Gotham's seasons are also coming to a close and Lucifer fans will be getting a sneak peek of the season finale in this week's DC All Access.

Sick burn, ma! Yes, we're looking at the season finale of Lucifer in this new #DCTV clip and it doesn't disappoint. After Lucifer mother accidentally murders someone, the LAPD is on the trail and it'll fall to Lucifer to find her first. Also, we unpack the latest episode of Gotham and iZombie and read some of your answers to our Question of the Week!