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Xbox 360 Slim- Is it RROD proof though?

Fresh off the heels of Kinect-mania it seems that a hardware refresh in order and Microsoft delivered with a new slim and trim 360 console that has a ton a new features that will make some of us consider upgrading including yours truly. Xbox 360 slim is available now and will cost $299


  • Touch Sensitive Buttons – very much like the the PS3
  • Quieter and Cooler – So I no longer need people to think I am at the airport when I am playing
  • Wi-Fi – Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi. Again “borrowing from the competition.
  • Hard Drive – 250GB internal, swappable hard drive for even more storage. More storage isn’t a bad thing.
  • Kinect-ready – Custom Kinect port on the back of the console for the new kinect motion sensor device. Note:Older consoles will require seperate power for the Kinect
  • USB Slots – Five total, three in the back and two in the front.
  • Power Supply – Smaller but not compatible with older Xbox 360 units. Brand new for this console
  • Wireless Controller – Typical black controller with new accents.
  • Backward Compatible –Most devices will be compatible but external hard drives and memory units get the boot compatibility.


Image Credit:Gizmodo


Image Credit:Gizmodo

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