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1st Impression: Thor –Comic-Con Trailer

Got to give props to the Traileraddict crew for this.

I have always felt that Thor while cool in theory is really a boring fucking character. His story is very drab and I knew as soon as the Avengers movie started to take shape that we would see single films based on the the Avengers trinity (Captain America,Iron Man, Thor) prior to an Avengers release.In looking at this trailer I see potential to do the character justice, but I also see a very non engaging storyline that is destined to be the weak link in the Avenger members solo exploits. I must admit that seeing Frost Giants, The Destroyer and Loki’s horned helmet made me appreciate the work put in by Kenneth Branaugh  but will that be enough to guarantee blockbuster status. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Sorry guys,
Had to remove the video. Will try and upload a saved version in a few days.