Asus unveiled a very interesting device at Computex 2011. The Asus Padfone looks to not only challenge devices like the Motorola Atrix but also the iPad and iPhone with its unique interface. This convergence device takes your mobile computing needs to the next level. As you can see in the photo your Asus phone would be docked into the tablet allowing full tablet functionality but also maintaining core phone functions. The tablet plays the role of dock and also extended battery which sounds remarkably promising. As a former EE PC owner I know Asus can make a quality product but will consumers be ready to embrace this given the tepid response the Android powered Atrix received. My question is will the Android tablet OS also run on the phone  or will the phone OS be  upconverted  for tablet use.

We’ll find our soon enough until then check out the videos that Asus put out touting this exciting product.




[Source: Gear Patrol & PC Mag]


  1. The video is indicating that Honeycomb is running on the tablet. The narrators stress that the phone screen enlarges to the pad when docked so if the image is any indication, Honeycomb will run on a cel phone. My question is why 3G? Make it a 4G LTE phone.

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