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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 93-Wrestling Revolution

Last weeks episode was quite possibly one of the best interviews I’ve had  the pleasure of conducting. Honestly I love all my interviews but the passion exhibited in this interview made it standout all its own.  Every week I broadcast MTR I usually have to share my displeasure with the current state of wrestling. A few weeks back I noticed one individual challenged wrestling fans to do something besides bitch. His passion for change gave way to The Wrestling Revolution which has the potential to change the game and make fans love pro wrestling once again.

Jeff Katz is the brains behind the Wrestling Revolution project and was also my guest for our 93rd episode. Jeff has a very impressive resume that crosses multiple genres. In speaking with Jeff I really felt challenged to make a difference not only as a fan but as someone who shares his views about the wrestling product on a broadcast platform. I highly recommend you guys check out this interview.

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Check out the video below to learn more. For as little as a dollar you can be a part of something great that can change the landscape of professional wrestling.

You can learn and monitor the Wrestling Revolution project here

Follow Jeff on Twitter via @KatzMoney and @TheFightingGeek  and also check out his site Geek Week.