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1st Impression: Bullet to the Head

Sylvester Stallone seems to have been re-energized by the success of The Expendables films since this makes the second action film I’ve seen with him as the lead. The other film with him as a lead is his film with Arnold Schwarzenegger called The Tomb. While I can sit here and complain about the theater being littered with another action dud from Sly  honestly it has the makings of a solid mindless 90 minute action film in the same vein as The Expendables. Sung Kang and Jason Momoa add a different dynamic to the film and seem to have good chemistry with Stallone and its good to see Kang doing something other than Fast & Furious. Sarah Shahi is your damsel in distress or in this case daughter in distress/ eye candy.  The odd man out is Christian Slater since this doesn’t seem like a film I’d expect to see him in. I am sure this film will come and go quickly at the box office but I am interested in seeing Stallone separate from his Expendables cast mates and if he still has the juice to be a box office draw on his own.

Source: Trailer Addict