If you have seen one Jason Statham movie, sadly you’ve seen them all. Usually the big change is the female lead and amount of money dedicated to promoting the film. Jennifer Lopez went from America’s rom-com darling to Americal Idol judge to action movie love interest alongside a guy who plays the same character in every film. Don't get me wrong, I don’t dislike Statham. On the contrary, his films are always a nice ninety-minute escape from reality, but Jennifer Lopez’s stock has taken a tremendous hit. However, I am sure her involvement in this film will increase its mainstream press.


Source: Trailer Addict


  1. She was oversaturating shit.
    You gotta be like Depp, a movie here and there, long enough between where people want and miss you.

  2. J-Lo was good? I kinda have this disdain for her because…she cant act. Michelle Rodriguez is a better actress than her. *grin*

  3. Val, She hasn’t been good since Money Train and Out of Sight. I may even say she was passable in The Cell and that’s because the effect in that movie made up for certain things.